Sunday, August 12, 2007

call center agents pinas are idiots (tanga, ampaw)

what are they made of:

compose of highschool studs, undergrads to degree holders.. mostly from exclusive schools with wasted lives...who doesn't have the capabilities and the guts (not to mention the BRAIN) to use what they have earned from their degree...( or have they learned anything?)

according to a source..uso patulan, kabitan, papatol-patol sa mga boss, team leaders in short ( whores, mga mukang pera in short) social climbers pa star-starbucks papa cute pataas taas pa paa . pa english english sa jeep at mrt... ang mga itsura naman, hello?

in some news articles in the US, it has been discussed how they are aware that the person at the other end of the line is not in the US. filipinos in general, they actually find it weird that they try to speak American english when its clearly not their native language. so..why the fuss of trying to speak "slang"??? we can just talk the pinoy english way..with pinoy accent and all...they can still understand us anyway. plus, what they really are concerned about is that their problems get matter the accent

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